Swap Windows Between monitors

I wanted to make a specific request for a keyboard shortcut to swap all windows between the 1st and 2nd monitors. I have a primary and secondary monitor, and the secondary is much smaller. I often do work on the primary monitor and then reference something on the secondary. Sometimes I want to switch the windows I have on each monitor because what I have on the secondary monitor becomes something I need to spend time on. So I make the window on the secondary monitor active and use a keyboard shortcut to move the window to the primary monitor, and then I do the same with the window I was viewing on the primary monitor and move it to the secondary monitor. So this requires several operations. Make a window active on one screen -> move it to the next monitor -> make a window active on the other screen -> move it to the next monitor. I'd really like to be able to do this with one keyboard shortcut.

if it's always the same sort of windows you can use the new "save / restore specific window layout ". E.g. create two keyboard shortcuts one for each layout.

Thanks for that suggestion @Andreas_Hegenberg. I only just saw this feature to save a layout. I'll give that a try and see how much it ends up being useful for me. For my purposes it probably wouldn't cover every case though. It would be cumbersome to make keyboard shortcuts for every combination of applications I work between.