Support Notifications/Alerts

It would be awesome if you could support a custom notification or alert to show after a trigger. Here is the use case I want to build around.

I have a great keyboard, but it doesn't show when cap locks is on. Sometimes I click it by mistake and don't realize it right away.

What I want to do, is have a "Key Sequence" trigger of just my caps lock key. When clicked, show an alert that shows that I pressed it.

Bonus - Let me be able to use variables in the notification so I can show if caps lock is on or off.

HUD display?
Apple Script → Display notification?

Yep the HUD Overlay action or custom Apple Script notifications might help. The HUD also allows variables in curly braces.

Hi Andreas,
I'm trying to add a HUD to a toogle showing the updated state of DND; however I can't manage to make it works - as you can see in the screenshots below, the variable (found in the documentation here) is not recognized.

What am I missing?

Screenshot 2020-11-12 at 18.17.46

Update: i noticed that only variables listed in settings are working, but accordingly with the documentation all the Dynamic ones should be pre-integrated in BTT.. :thinking:

good point, the HUD currently ignores the dynamic ones. I’ll fix that.

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did you fix it @Andreas_Hegenberg ? Because it is still not working for me a year later on from this.