Support IR Signals to control media devices

It would be awesome if BTT supported IR transmitters like Flirc USB. I could then use my keyboard or my Siri Remote to control TV, AC or any other media devices.

Remote Buddy supports this feature:

you can probably do this with the "Generic Device Support". I don't have a IR receiver to try, but I think it should be relatively straight forward.

Thank you for your quick reply, would you please briefly describe how this could be achieved?

I don't have a IR transmitter yet, and trying to figure out if this will work before I buy one.

Looks like the docs explains it well:

Yep, in that example it's using the Apple Siri Remote - but I assume the events for basic IR receivers would look quite similar. So it should not be too complicated to get it working.

Remote Buddy is also a great app though, so worst case you could still use that :slight_smile: