Support for Logitech MX Master Mice

Would it be possible to add support for Logitech MX Master?

I wanna be able to control the press/press and hold of the center button for example, and just have some more control over the mouse, Normal mouse section doesn't really detect those buttons for some reason, I've tried multiple times ...

full support for the custom logitech protocol is planned for later this year, currently you can either uninstall all logitech drivers (then it should at least partially be recognized in BTT) or you can configure it in the logitech software (e.g. configure it to send keyboard shortcuts which you can then re-configure in the BTT keyboard shortcuts section

This option might also help make BTT recognize the buttons while the logitech software is running:


Already have that activated, but it still doesn't recognize these buttons [2, 4,5 & 6]
MX Master 3S Wireless Bluetooth Mouse for Mac | Logitech
Even when Logitech Software is not running, Haven't tried entirely removing it tho.

For some buttons, I do have it mapped to keyboard shortcuts, and setup in BTT, But Full support on BTT would be really great to have way more possibilities..