Support for Griffin PowerMate(s)

I've been struggling to keep my beloved Griffin PowerMate(s) operational; the company is still selling them new, both USB and BlueTooth, but spent about tree fiddy on software development.

The original software for OS X, v2.1, still mostly works, and offers, e.g., vastly better volume control (variable, precise; as opposed to percentage-clicks), but no longer controls certain aspects properly, and it prevents the computer from going into Display Sleep or System Sleep when running and the PowerMate is connected.

The old software doesn't support the Bluetooth models; you cannot run both versions simultaneously.

The new versions offered by Griffin are a joke; the controls are rough, flakey and extremely limited, and it only supports a single PowerMate.

And, of course, they are 32bit, so my time is limited to keep these devices operational without support.

I can arrange to provide you with one if that would encourage you to add this to BTT; I can assist in defining what makes the original so great and what features/functions it should support.

Griffin PowerMate USB and Bluetooth

Type of Mac: All
macOS version: Sierra and higher
BetterTouchTool version: 2.5

I just found my PowerMate and tried to connect it to a Mojave system. Software doesn't appear to work any more. Would be lovely if BTT adopted it.

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I had no problems with upgrading from Sierra to Mojave and mine kept working (mostly, with some oddities) with the original 1.x software (save also for the screen sleep and sleep prevention issues).

What version of the software are you using? I have the original installers archived.

I actually figured out the issue. If you choose to hide the app from the Dock (put it in the menubar) it does not work, but if left a "nromal" application, it works.

Yes please! I would love to have more control over my PowerMate.

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I second this! On Mojave I have no more customization options anymore as their software doesn't work beyond allowing the PowerMate to use the default actions.

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Just signed up to the community to see if the Powermate could be configured with BTT. I see that it's not supported so I'd like to join the others in asking if it could be added as a device to BTT.

I haven't upgraded to Catalina and knowing that the upgrade will mean saying goodbye to my Powermate is one more thing that's keeping me from updating.

Crossing fingers!

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It's silly, I know, but it's an issue that makes me reticent to upgrade to a new Mac Pro, which is a Catalina-only move. My workflow is too dependent on the Griffin PowerMate USB.

Help me, BTT Kenobi! You're our only hope!

I would love this as well!!

Hey! I'm about to buy 2 PowerMates, but Im in Catalina, how useless is the software? I just downloaded it and it runs well, no 32bit issue, can I still customize the shortcuts and things it does:? Any help would be appreciated it!! PLEASE

Hey, do you have a PowerMate and macOS Catalina? Is it useful ??

Customizing is fairly impossible. It's basically a slow volume knob... you can only do the default volume on/volume off

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I've been wanting to use my Griffin Powermate as a controller for the Reaper DAW, but it seems like the functionality just isn't there. It would be really useful if BTT could see and act on the Powermate USB.

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On a whim, I searched to see if there was a way to add the PowerMate to BTT. To my surprise, this seems to be something that others are interested in as well! I hope this makes it in one day…

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So, for anyone still following this, please be advised that with both the 2.1 and 3.1 versions of the Griffin PowerMate software, you can not only replicate any keystroke globally or per-application, but most usefully trigger any AppleScript; thus any shell script you like, and those can also call and fire off Keyboard Maestro macros. For some, this may be able to easily replicate better touch tool actions. FWIW, Keyboard Maestro can detect a limited number of actions directly from the PowerMate. Finally, the 3.1 software will run on Catalina, but I’ve yet to get it working in Big Sur betas.

I’m curious as to what type of actions those of you that have posted here are interested in performing in BTT, that you don’t think you can do with scripting or Keyboard Maestro.

Yes, I’m the one that started this thread, and I’m just looking for a direct way to replace the Griffin software altogether.

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any luck yet ?

is it possible that you can send that through email ?


I will try to upload a link tomorrow.

What link?

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