Suggestion: Advanced Conditions

@Andreas_Hegenberg A suggestion, I think that should be "easy" for you to do.

If two letters are pressed and held "simultaneously", then they are not typed, but BTT waits for a third key to be entered. "Simultaneously" could be adjustable, similar to the time between down/up for a key sequence. Or you simply define that the time must be very short.

Example: "f" and "d" are pressed and held simultaneously. (Nothing is typed). The additional pressing of "j" triggers an action.

From my point of view this could be an Advanced Condition. With only one key down it does not work. But two keys that must be "simultaneously" down seems to me a clear and simple condition.

I know I could do this with KE, but I would like to do it with BTT. What do you think? :grinning:

but wouldn’t that introduce a delay when typing? Because BTT would need to wait a moment to see whether another key is pressed (as there is no such thing a simultaneous, one key will always be first :-))

It sounds easier than it would be to implement, I’d need to first block the events, put them in a queue, then send them again if no second key is pressed within the timeout.

for KE this is easier because it works on a lower level (before the events reach the system)

Doesn't BTT do this already with long press functions?

I don't think so. This "moment" must be very short, maybe 0.15s. And the defined keys must both be down and held for a defined time. When the time elapses, the letters are simply typed.

Long presses completely block the system events, that's why you need to create the a = a type of shortcuts.

I can experiment with this, it's not "too" hard to do this. But I could imagine it feels laggy even with a short delay.

In the end, of course, you know better. If you want, you can give it a try. If its laggy or does not work, then it does not work. :slightly_smiling_face:

Exactly, with only one key it needs a "counterpart" long/short. But with two keys this is probably not necessary. So the system can be blocked. Or am I wrong?