Stuttery and laggy window movement when using BTT

Describe the bug
I've been using snap areas for awhile now and have been intermittently bothered by an issue where if I attempt to move my windows around it will lag and stutter. This video does a pretty decent job of showing the before and after: Note the points "after BTT loads" when the window just stays in place but I'm still click-holding (and moving) the window.

When I close BTT, all the freezing and stuttering stops.

I've also deleted all my custom snap areas and the stuttering is just as bad.


Device information:

  • Type of Mac: MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2017)
  • macOS version: Catalina
  • BetterTouchTool version: 3.365
  • 34" Ultra-wide Monitor (Dell U3417W)

Does the macOS activity monitor show very high CPU usage for BTT in that case (>= 100% )?
If so, do you have the experimental dropbox/icloud sync enabled?

With all the custom snap areas deleted and moving windows with BTT on, it hovers around 8-11% CPU usage. How high is that considered?

only >100% would be relevant here.

But then I don’t really know what could cause this, I don’t think there have been any similar reports. Do you have other mouse/keyboard related apps installed?

Thanks for the help Andreas. I do not have any other mouse/keyboard apps installed. I wasn't able to truly diagnose why this is happening. Perhaps the GPU is not keeping up. But I deleted all my snap areas, and when creating new ones noticed that I can disable/enable the snap areas when I hold a keyboard button down (like cmd). Enabling this for all snap areas (have to enable them individually) has dramatically reduced the stutter.

About 50% of the time I'm not using BTT's window snapping, so this is a great little trick to reduce the stutter w/o much inconvenience.

I have the same issue with stuttering, and I believe I am able to reproduce the issue on a fresh OS install with a fresh BTT install as well.

It's a problem that's been plaguing me for quite a long time, and eventually caused me to just quit BTT so that I don't experience the stuttering

Description in this video:
Upon an initial launch of BTT, everything is fine
After adding a custom snap zone, there's delay and stuttering when initially moving a window
After deleting the custom snap zone, the there's stuttering whenever moving a window ~75% CPU usage

This latency that occurs after deleting the snap zones appears to persist indefinitely, but goes away it I restart the program

2019 13" MBP
Big Sur 11.0.1
3.504 (1642)
40" 4k monitor

Ah this is pretty much exactly what I am experiencing and it looks like a (admittedly n=2) pattern is that we’re both using larger screens.

I don’t think I’ve noticed a stutter when I’m off the external monitor. Would you be able to try this out as well?

There may be some poor performance optimizations in place for large screens....

I'm having the same result using the internal laptop screen too - good idea to test though

I've also tried enabling high performance mode, and high priority mode, and neither seem to have any effect on this

hopefully these steps to reproduce the issue will help pinpoint the issue

Damn yeah that sucks :frowning:.

I use BTT for a lot more than just the window snapping feature so unfortunately they’ve got me locked in. It’s sad to see that we still don’t have a solution to this though.

If it helps at all - the trick I used with having a hold down key before the snap guides appear does help me a lot.

Hope the dev will notice soon.

I'm having the same issue. Mac mini 2018, Big Sur, 4K monitor, BTT 3.505
Another weird thing is blinking of one snap area (see the video) which occurs during the freeze.

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I got the same issue

I've been experiencing this since ~2019, across multiple devices. Basically makes the feature useless.

Old laptop:

2016 MacBook Pro 15" base model

New laptop:

2021 MacBook Pro 16" M1 Pro, 32GB RAM

I haven't tested this with only the internal monitor in years, but the last time I did (around 2019) it worked fine.
When plugged in to my monitor setup at my desk, everything goes to crap.

Monitors (left to right):


  • 1440×2560
  • 3840×1600
  • 2056×1329
  • 1440×2560 (currently using DisplayLink, but previously was native on the Intel MBP)

BTT settings:

I've also tried turning off both "If checked BetterTouchTool will use a bit more memory, but Snap Areas show up faster." and "Enable high performance mode (uses more memory)".

Most frequently reproducible issue:

With "snap areas" enabled, dragging windows to move them causes severe lag and frame drops.

21:9 3840×1600 (no snap areas on this display)

16:9 vertical 2560:1440 (snap areas on this display, is currently using a DisplayLink adapter, but this was also happening prior to using the DL adapter)

Other potentially related issues:

With "window snapping" enabled, sometimes I will experience ~500ms of mouse input delay & stutters when dragging windows around (not activating monitor-edge snaps).

For me windows move OK when I have snapping enabled.

But, dragging items in Tibia game is effin slow, forcing me to turn snapping off.

Actually, when dragging in Tibia with BTT snapping, my fps drop from 60-70 down to… 2 fps!

that you should report to Tibia. BTT just sends the requests, if apps do not handle them correctly, BTT can not do anything about them. However you can disable window snapping for specific apps :slight_smile:

I think i've searched all settings and couldn't find such option… How do I do that?

BTW, I have a similar issue when I set "too high" value for "polling rate" in iCUE software for my mouse.

Right now I have 125Hz/8msec, if I set it to 500Hz/2msec for example, FPS drop simnifically, even when just moving the mouse. Do you think it might be connected? What should I report to Tibia? What kind of "requests" you're talking about?