Struggling to create this shortcut: Ctrl+Option+Cmd+Shift+F12 then F10

An app I use has a complicated shortcut that I'm trying to make easier with BTT:

Control + Option + Command + Shift + F12 then F10.

Unfortunately, as I have the "Use F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys" setting disabled, it makes the shortcut even more difficult to use.

I have tried replicating the shortcuts with actions of sending each of the modifier keys in down state, followed by F12, F10 and then including all the modifier keys again in the up state:

This doesn't work and causes a messed up state where I have to restart BTT to use my computer again. I've also tried checking the "Include currently pressed modifier keys" option for the actions of sending the F12 and F10.

I tried another variation where I use most of the modifier keys as my trigger (Ctrl+Option+Cmd+Shift), with the action just being sending F12 and then F10. I've tried using the "Include currently pressed modifier keys" checked as well, but that doesn't work either.

Can anyone help me get this to work? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Does sending both as normal shortcuts not work? (hold fn while recording the shortcut, so it catches the F-Key)

I can't believe it, but that worked!

You don't realize how much time I've spent trying to get this to work. I tried to capture the F12, F10 keys directly vs. the Fn+Vol Up, Fn+Mute combinations, but I was uncertain which would be successful. I've put in a lot of effort to get this to work, but I was never sure which combination of keys would do the trick. Especially since I'm using an app hosted by Citrix, it's hard to know what keyboard layout I'm in and what keys are actually getting sent.

Thank you very much!