Streamdeck keeps closing active buttons group when switching app

I've created a group for my stream deck and added a bunch of buttons into it.
This works but to my surprise the group keeps getting closed as soon as I switch the app that is in focus.

This is not what I wanted, I want to keep my group open showing all the defined buttons until I decide when to close it.

A temporary workaround for this would be to create different profiles and activate and deactivate the ones I need. This is cumbersome and I wish I could simply keep on working with groups of buttons.

Is this the intended actions? How can I disable this behavior?

Bildschirmfoto von BetterTouchTool (06-11-23, 13-35-03)

Check the box for 'Keep group open while switching apps.' Also, consider adding a 'close' button on that page.

Perfect, that worked!

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