Streamdeck button layout based on specific stream deck

I have 2 stream decks, one XL that I use at home and a 15 button one I use while traveling. I've set up BTT to fully control both stream decks.
I have created a large number of buttons for handling email which works fabulous on the XL but resolves into many pages on the regular one.

What I would like to do is create one or more folders that contain several buttons to reduce the number of pages on the regular one, but these folders should only show up on the regular one, the current/original layout without folders should be available for the XL.

I know I can create folders that can show up only on a specific device, but how can I keep the original layout for the XL without duplicating all the buttons?

Make two presets. One for the XL and one for the MK2.
Activate only the one needed at that point in time.

thanks for the suggestion, I just checked it out. I noticed that I would basically have to recreate the entire setup in the new preset or export/import from the other preset. No problem when I need to do that once, but I foresee the hassle of keeping button updates and additions in sync.

Create the triggers in "Automations & Named & Other Triggers" and assign the action as "Named Trigger" to the StreamDeck button. If you modify the "Named Trigger", all instances will be automatically adjusted.

You can move actions to another preset very easily. BTT Menu, presets, move presets.

@SLE you are sure that this works? If two actions in the same preset have the same trigger, a conflict occurs.

Firstly, you have a Named Trigger which we will refer to as "Frame2Page". Then, you create two Stream Deck Buttons: "Test-1" and "Test-2". For both of these buttons, you select the "Named Trigger" action and set it to "Frame2Page". Even though these buttons are separate, they both trigger the same Named Trigger, "Frame2Page".

If you make any changes to "Frame2Page", all instances of it will be automatically updated, meaning that both "Test-1" and "Test-2" will be updated to reflect the new version of the "Frame2Page" trigger.

I am using this type of setup to create various triggers for the same action. This allows me to execute the same trigger using different devices such as the keyboard, a mouse button (such as the G604), a floating window (hint, hint), and the Stream Deck (or in this case multiple Stream Decks).

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Very interesting suggestions. Especially the last paragraph. I'm definitely going to check this out.

Maybe I'm doing something wrong because I have a lot of buttons that only do 1 thing, which is calling a Keyboard Maestro. So in a sense I am using an alternative to the named trigger.

The most work I have now is setting up a new button with the correct image and text. The described solution does not prevent creating duplicate buttons.
Any nifty ideas how I can solve that?

I've looked at the floating window, but could you elaborate on how you use it?

I don't think you can prevent the occurrence of duplicate buttons. When creating them, I would simply do a copy/paste and assign Test1 to the XL preset and Test2 to the MK2 preset. This is the cleanest solution because it allows you to activate/deactivate the preset that you don't currently need. You can also trigger a preset switch through an action.
The floating windows are a feature that Andreas has teased multiple times, and some members of this forum are eagerly waiting for it. It should be completed by the end of February - so it should be happening soon :wink:

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Thanks for the clarification.
Maybe I should look into a different approach to make creating buttons easier/quicker. I'll start a different question.

See: Variables to use in Stream Deck button appearance