Stream Deck Toggle Button

Hi there,

I have a Stream Deck Toggle Button to indicate a Play / Stop state. The button is defined in different places (I copied it into some BTT groups). Ticking the "Show in any open Stream Deck group" will put the Button in all groups, which I do not need/want...

Initially it shows 'Play' and when I press the button it shows 'Stop' as expected. The button itself works fine.
The 'problem' is when I open a different group (where a second 'play' button is defined ) then it still shows 'Play'.

Is there a possibilty to 'sync' the appearance/state somehow. May be with a script to influence the state (pressed / not pressed) of the button ?
Any idea or help would be appreciated!

In BTT the Toggle buttons all have the same fixed indentifier assigned, I use the BTT plugin Stream Deck option.


BTT 3.952 (2117) / Mac M1 Max OS Ventura 13.1 /
BTT plugin Stream Deck option
Stream Deck Mobile (on iPad Air) latest version

good point, currently it uses the unique id of the trigger to save the state. I'll add an option to specify a custom state variable name with the next version.

Great Andreas!

Is there a way to set the state somehow…

Here is my situation: I use SD/BTT with Ableton Live (DAW for music production) and to ‘Play’ can also be done with the Spacebar, which would mean that the SD toggle button would be out of sync.

I can track the use of the spacebar in Ableton already (CAG, script and global BTT variable…) and to set the state would allow to sync the toggle button again…