Stream Deck Support is Amazing

Really cool! I didn't even know about the stream deck until the update. Now I have one!

Oh my god yes!! I re-uppped my license because I loved what you did to extend the use of your amazing tool to Macs without touchbars and I own a Stream Deck ONLY because of this new feature. I picked up the Stream Deck this week, and used the Elgato app first, which is very good on its own, had some nice features, but lacked one feature that I really needed, having the ability to choose which browser opens URL's. The Elgato app also is easier to move icons around, but I found a method that works amazing for me. I t tried the sample preset for the Stream Deck, found it a bit buggy but that is great to learn how to configure on your own.

I had only renewed my license for a year as I did not know how helpful the new non touchbar feature would work for me. It worked great, but man. I def will be keeping my license now with this new feature. Hopefully the developer of AquaTouch will make an update to convert much of the Aquatouch features to be usable for use of the Stream Deck. Looking forward to seeing whats ahead. This is sooooo amazing.