Stream Deck Preview

Can I hide the title bar of the SD emulator? And can I show and hide the preview with a shortcut?

Ah I think I forgot to make the action to show / hide the emulator visible. I use it often for myself to test Stream Deck stuff, so I should be able to make that action generally available.

Does that mean this feature comes with one of the next updates? Also the hiding of the title bar?

yes, I'll add it

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Ich danke dir!

I added the "Show / Hide Stream Deck Emulator" action to the latest alpha.

Nice, thank you! The action shows but it does not hide. Instead it opens an additional emulator. Or am I doing something wrong?

Ah you need to add a serial number (can be any string) which identifies the emulated device.

Ah, yes, works perfectly thanks!

Are these floating emulators a teaser of the upcoming floating menus? :innocent:

The code that renders them is the same, yes. However the floating menus will be much more powerful - the Stream Deck emulator has too many limitations as to be really useful apart from testing.
Let's hope I can get them finished by Christmas :slight_smile:

Btw. another alpha will be online in a few minutes, I forgot to make the window not activate when opened via the action - this breaks most actions that are executed on an active app.

This would be a wonderful Christmas gift. :wink:

One more thing, maybe a bug. The emulator only floats if the title bar is shown.

Yep a bug , it's also fixed in the alpha I have just uploaded to Apple for signing.

Sorry, new bug. The title bar can no longer be shown/hidden. It is always hidden.

Wow. That's a potential Game Changer.

@SLE Wait for the new floating menus. These are the real game changers :smiley:

Can’t hide my excitement!

When I use the "Show / Hide Stream Deck Emulator" action, BTT crashes. Before version 3.953 this worked without problems. Probably a bug?

I mean, when I open the emulator with a shortcut BTT crashes.

should be this: Version: 3.953 (2118)

Yes, this is the version that crashes.

I meant it should be the issue discussed in that thread and be fixed already :slight_smile: