Stream Deck Plus Dials

Got my StreamDeck Plus yesterday and was fiddling around with it.
Maybe I am missing something but I can't get the dials to what I want. (Dial 1: Rotate Left etc) There is some random action going on but I have no clue what triggers that. I am aware the the "touchbar" is not yet operational.

Ah sorry I'm working on the Stream Deck Plus right now, thus the alphas might not work correctly. I'll upload a new build that fixes the dials in a few minutes. The touch screen support should be ready be the end of the week

Thanks, started to work with the latest release. Was not sure if the error isn't sitting in front of the screen... :wink:
Have you planned on implementing the stacked feature for the dials?
Appreciate your work here!

I haven't spend much time with it yet apart from the technical details of the hardware - what is the stacked feature?

No rush - the fixed floating windows are way higher in my Wishlist :wink:
When you press the dial you get a new set of left / right options. When you press is it again another and so on till you cycle through to the first one.
Example. I can set Dial 1 in Photoshop to change the Brush size (left smaller / right bigger)
When I press Dial 1 it jumps to a setting e.g. Brush Hard vs. Soft (left softer / right harder)
After pressing Dial 1 again (and no other stack is defined) it jumps back to Brush Size.
So basically this allows you to assign multiple functions to a single dial. You can switch between them simply by pressing them in.

EDIT: To keep it organized the Touch Bar Window always shows which Setting is active at the moment in the slot above of the dial. You can also assign icons to it...

Ah ok.
There are already multiple ways to achieve this with BTT, but it would be a bit complicated to setup right now.

E.g. you could assign the "cycle through multiple actions" action to the dial press and then use the "switch to preset" action with different presets, each preset containing different functionality for the dials.
Or you could use the "assign value to variable" action and then define advanced trigger conditions for the dial, which look at the variable value and trigger different behavior depending on that.

I'll think about ways to make this easier to setup.

To keep it organized the Touch Bar Window always shows which Setting is active at the moment in the slot above of the dial. You can also assign icons to it... as I understand it this is the main use case of Elgato for the screen...

The screen will be able to show anything you want once it's finished. So this will also be possible.

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Ah I haven't activated the advanced trigger conditions for the dials yet. They will be showing up with the next version.

@Andreas_Hegenberg Does this now work? I was trying yesterday but got confused afaik you're supposed to add the BTT custom action to the control in the stream deck app, but i can't seem to do that for a dial… Unless i'm missing something?

I just purchased stream deck plus. I'm not sure if all features are yet implemented for the Plus. I prefer to operate in the mode using stream deck plugin. I haven't found a way to put an icon in the SD Touch Bar area (no matter which mode) and the knob rotation feature appears to only work if I am in fully controlled by BTT mode. If possible, I would like to do the following in plugin mode:

  1. Put a custom icon on the SD Touch Bar screen
  2. Control the knob rotations and pressing as I can do with the other mode.

Please advise. Thanks