Stream Deck No Response - Restarting Stream Deck App (Plugin Mode)


This is happening multiple times per day:


I know from other posts on the board that the full control mode does not have these issues, but, Stream Deck has some plugins to control other apps that cannot be replaced by BTT alone. I prefer having Stream Deck's default software controlling the device instead of BTT, but, BTT also provides the ability to control other useful things, therefore having it as a plugin mode is my sweet spot.

My BTT controls for Stream Deck are these:


Nothing special to be honest...

Stream Deck app is v6.4.1 (19697)
BTT is v4.316

If there is a debug mode or logs, let me know where I can find them and I can send them to you for review, maybe it will help debug the plugin.


Unfortunately there is no way to fix this due to a missing function in the Stream Deck SDK (Reddit - Dive into anything )

So the only way to restore connectivity with the Stream Deck software is to restart it in some situations ;-(

Ah, I see... thanks for the link to the Reddit post! I'll keep an eye on it, maybe Elgato will decide to allow reconnection in their API.