Stream Deck & Modifier Keys - Differentiate between left and right modifier keys and combination of left and right ones

Hello Andreas (@Andreas_Hegenberg) :wave:

I started to migrate my Stream Deck setup from the native Application to BetterTouchTool because BetterTouchTool offers a lot more flexibility in some edge cases - something that I really like :+1:

Being able to manipulate the display of Buttons based on Modifier Keys only is an absolute game changer for me.

I would like to differentiate between left and right Modifier Keys and want to be able to also combine them. But for combination of left and right ones there should also be something like a toggle function …

Maybe you could also create an option to manipulate the display of more then one stream deck at the same time - if this is possible and you could implement this this would be great

Greetings and thanks for developing such a versatile Application.


Yeah good idea. I'll try to update the modifier selection everywhere in BTT to also include left and right versions of the modifiers. Not yet sure how I'll add it to the UI.

Maybe you can achieve the "more than one stream deck" use case via this option:

Hello Andreas :wave:

Thank you for your reply

That’s great to hear … having these options everywhere in BetterTouchTool sounds even better than my Suggestion.

If you could build something into the button configuration like an „and/or“ setting to keep the buttons alive until any combination of the configured buttons is pressed (since we humans have only two hands :joy::joy:) and at every other place in the ui where this needs configuration options - that would be great - or is that eventually possible using the allready embedded actions and conditions ?!

If that’s the case - then there is maybe only the Modifiers section to be updated… or am I maybe missing something ?! :thinking:

I am speaking of somewhat like a conditional thing that we could configure for the stream deck when using a combination of let and right modifiers…


Modifier key left/right support has just been added in v4.412 alpha

You can now choose for every modifier key whether it requires the left, right or both of them.

That is fantastic. I've been waiting a long time for this. Thank you very much, Andreas!

Some people will probably want you to do the same here. You know what people are like. :wink:

4.414 alpha adds right modifier support throughout BTT (e.g. when recording shortcuts to send, or via these actions). Let's see what kind of side effects this causes :slight_smile:

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