Stream Deck Mobile

Hi there,

I thought I mention a couple of items / bugs, anyway not a big issue for me, as it is a beta, which is just great and is a huge improvement to Stream Deck users.

As we know, Stream Deck could trigger BTT already (but now it is much easier…)
It went like this:

Use the BTT internal webserver (enable in Global settings, and a port: like 49770) and then Stream Deck to trigger a BTT action:

Setup a SD button trigger:
"Open Website" (the BTT webserver)
Tick "Get request in background"


setup a (keyboard) trigger with the action

find the UUID for a given BTT trigger via right click … copy and use that in SD http:// (See above)

Items / bugs:

BTT 3.952 (2117) / Mac M1 Max Ventura 13.1 /
BTT plugin option ( with 15 associated fixed identifiers, one for each SD button on the deck )
Stream Deck Mobile (on iPad mini)
Stream Deck Mobile on latest version

I am experimenting with the "Hold Button to show more buttons with the CAG…" as in those provided Stream Deck examples…

It works not really…for me on SD Mobile.

When holding the button the additional buttons are displayed, but only for a faction of a second.
Probably due to slow refresh on Stream Deck Mobile…?

During 'debuggging' I noticed that the "currentlyPressedStreamDeckButtonIdentifiers" in the CAG shows previously pressed button IDs. It is not always cleared / empty if no button is pressed (see screenshot…),
It occurs after opening and closing a "Stream Deck Group with Name" / "Close currently open Stream Deck group"

I have a Button Group "A" and from that I open another Group "B" which contains Group "C"
When "Close currently open Stream Deck group" in Group "C" it does not go back to Group "B", but to "A", probably due to the missing sub group BTT functionality... ?

(4) - and a small feature request…
in the Stream Deck "button text font size dropdown box" add some more font sizes between 10pt and 20pt ….
like: 10pt 12pt 14pt 16pt 18pt 20pt