stream deck lcd brightness

is there a way to setup the brightness level of the stream deck directly with BTT?
i didnt find anything yet !

if you use full control mode, you can use the "Set Brightness" action:

Dial 1: Press?
Stream Deck Plus?
When it's going to be available for the public? :wink:
Mine is ordered and en route...

the basics very soon. today I need to think a bit about how to make best use of the touch screen area on the +

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thanks Andreas :pray:t4:

hey @Andreas_Hegenberg, i dont want to create a new post for this question ,i have the deck 15 buttons, im using the option "Fixed row and column" and i want to know how to create a button to go the next page, and how to create a second page ? i tried to type row 4 col 1 but its not working :sweat_smile:

Currently BTT can only add the paging automatically (e.g. if you have two buttons with the same row/col or if the current page is full)

I will make this customizable in the future though

amazing thanks :pray:t3: