Stream Deck Groups?

I think I'm trying to do this hard/wrong way. I've meditated on the docs and I didn't quite get it.

I'm on a new machine and decided it would be fun to rebuild my StreamDeck the BTT way. I download the sample preset (psst enabling keyboard shortcuts and the notch bar by default threw me for a loop).

My goal, I press a StreamDeck button, DevonThink is opened/brought the front. (Easy). Then I want my Stream deck to display buttons for DevonThink. I've tried to use the "Open Stream Deck Group with Name" action. I don't know if this is the correct way. Your sample appears to have a sub folder underneath.

  1. How do I create a group with a name?
  2. How do I adapt your example so it starts with an action to open DT?

Just in case it helps, my first attempt is here:

instead of putting them in a folder, add the app to the left sidebar in BTT and add the buttons there. The button to launch/activate Devonthink stays in the „All apps“ section.

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This works well apps like DT where the focus is the key. Now let's have fun, I use Zoom and whack ton. How do create a zoom group that I set and doesn't get overridden even by other apps? Effectively a global variable. (Cringe)

In that case you could either use a Conditional Activation Group or indeed a folder like in your first example.

How exactly do you want it to behave for zoom?