Stream Deck doesn't come back ON after Mac goes to sleep

I'm experimenting with stream deck and I've noticed a weird behavior that seems random.
When My Macbook goes to sleep "sometimes" (usually after an entire night sleep) the streamdeck will apparently turn off, meaning, when I wake up my macbook the StreamDeck buttons are all black and I can't see any of my defined buttons.

Sometimes I have to restart BBT and it comes back alive but most of the times this isn't enough, I have to physically unplug and re-plug in the USB cable.

I've double checked and all my buttons and profile where my buttons are defined are active.

Which Stream Deck mode are you using? Plugin mode or fully controlled by BTT?

Fully controlled mode

Which version of BTT are you running currently?
Could you check whether the predefined action "Turn Stream Deck On" activates it again?

Version 4.314

For testing that action I would have to wait that the issue comes back again.
I'll keep you posted, thanks for your help :+1:

I know this is an old thread, but I figured I'd bump this one instead of making a new one. :grinning:

I have (had?) the same issue in which I'd need to Restart BTT every time my MacBook went to sleep in order to get the Stream Deck to turn back on.

To fix it, I created this trigger:

  • Automations, Named & Other Triggers >

    • After Mac Wakes From Sleep >

      • Turn Stream Deck On

and that works just fine and resolves this issue.

In theory, if the Stream Deck was on before the computer goes to sleep, it should probably come back on when it wakes back up... but if it's solved by a custom trigger, I'm OK with this!

NOTE: My situation was slightly different than OP's though in that restarting BTT always got the Stream Deck to turn back on, I never had to unplug it.