Stream Deck - App Specific Configurations

Hello, is there a way to set up App Specific Configurations for the Stream Deck without BTT showing the left and right page arrows?

I don't want to hide the global Stream Deck buttons. I just want one button to trigger different things depending on which app is open.

The page in the documentation for this is currently broken.

Thank you!

The left/right page buttons are only shown if there are too many items configured to place them on one page.

You should be able to just add items to specific apps.

I'm looking to have a global button in a fixed position that disappears whenever there's an app specific configuration.

Currently when using app specific buttons, the correct buttons are shown but it brings up the page buttons as there are now two buttons with fixed positions.

It would be great to have an option to disable the page buttons.

Ah now I understand.
I have planned to make the page buttons configurable.

For now, I think you could create two conditional activation groups and put the button in these:

  • one which is active for all apps but the one where you want different behavior
  • one that is specifically matching the specific app

I didn't know that was a feature. This works perfectly, thank you!

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