Stream deck app + BBT full control

Hi, 1) love BTT it’s amazing.
2) the stream deck functionality is great- I have their iOS app that lets you use an iOS device as a stream deck. This works great, but kindda buggy (as warned). I can’t seem to figure out how to (or if) this works using an iOS device with BTT full control. I’m assuming this allows for more “dynamic-ness” so I want to delve in here. I also recently decided to spot out of the Touch Bar for bigger screen (so the stream deck would be :fire:).

Side note I’d like to display buttons for the playlists that the currently playing song are in . Then I can press the buttons to remove them(so button->variable->AppleScript). I’m assuming this is possible from what I saw on some streamdecks widgets I downloaded? Further, could I make those icons dynamic?