Stream Deck+ actions not working

I have an Stream Deck + with firmware 6.5.1.
Macos Ventura 13.6.5
Macbook Pro 16 M1 Max
BTT 4.442

I have configured BTT to use SD+ like this:

I have configured 2 shortcuts, one for toggle SD+ on/off and another one for change the brightness of the SD+.

Both shortcuts doesn't work. Do I have to do something that I am missing or is it a known issue?


in plugin mode BTT doesn’t have control over the stream deck. In that mode you need to use the stream deck software to control it.

Ok, well noted.

What actions can BTT execute when is in plugin mode?


everything that doesn’t need to control the stream deck hardware :slight_smile:

I start to understand, thanks.

I have configured buttons, it works great!

But the following triggers are not working:

  • Press dial
  • Rotate dial
  • Swipe Touch Screen

Is it a limitation also if BTT is in plugin mode?

Now I realize that BTT plugin has no available configuration for the dials, only for buttons.

So I understand that in plugin mode, I can configure only buttons. Is it correct?

Right when I last worked on it, the Stream Deck plugin architecture didn't offer support for the dials yet. I think that has changed by now, so I should be able to add dial support soon.

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For what it's worth..I spent a lot of time in plug-in mode with BTT because I didn't want to have to rebuild all of my profiles. But now that I have taken the plunge and done the work I am WAY WAY more happy. The Elgato software bites.

Thanks Andreas!