Strange haptic feedback after adding a shortcut

Hi, I'm on M2 Mac. I added a shortcut "3 fingers click" mapped to middle mouse click. When it is enabled I can observe the following incorrect behavior:

  1. I can press the touchpad very lightly with 3 fingers and I got a haptic feedback. The shortcut is being run (debuted with hud overlay). This happens when I press the touchpad way lighter than I should.

  2. If I press it just a little bit harder, as I normally press it, I feel second haptic feedback.

  3. If I press it even harder, I feel third haptic feedback - this is the Force Touch.

So basically, 1 happens with almost no touch, so now, when I use this shortcut, I always feel double hepatic feedback. If I change it to 4 fingers click, the same behavior happens.

Maybe the sensitivities here are mixed up:

(Should be approximately like in that screenshot, but you can adjust them to your preferences)

Unfortunately this is not the case. I have exactly the same values as on your screenshot. Also, this is a fresh install of BTT. The only advanced setting that I changed is "Three Finger Swipe Sensitivity" to 0.05, as I prefer it to be triggered earlier than by default. I'm attaching my configuration here - maybe it will be helpful. Thanks again for the support <3
Default.bttpreset (29.7 KB)

Which version of BTT are you currently running?

It's 4.004

Could you go to Help => Export Diagnostic Debug Information and send the result to me ( I think the trackpad identifiers for the M2 might have changed, thus BTT might not apply the correct profiles. In that case I can extract the new ids from your log and add them.

Thank you, Andreas! Email sent! :slight_smile:

Could you try v 4.011 (available via "check for alpha version updates"), I added the new trackpad identifier - maybe this will get rid of the extra feedback.

Hmm, I might be blind, but I was browsing all options for the last 10 minutes, I browsed other threads and docs and I can't find this option. Where is it?

EDIT: I'm using the SetApp version - maybe this setting is hidden then?

ah, setapp doesn’t allow alpha channels. In that case you’ll need to wait for the next stable release ;-(

Ok! Do you know approximately when it will be out? :slight_smile: