Strange bug with floating WebView

Describe the bug

I tried to use the floating WebView via the tutorial:

but it didn't work. Instead, when I did the 3-Finger-Tap, the code of the html-file appeared on screen. I then realized that the WebView appears, when I do "command-alt-F" (which I use for jumping into the search bar in Safari). I didn't like that, so I deleted the action. But it didn't go away. I even deleted the associated files (html + css) and it still appears when I push "command-alt-F".

What's going wrong here? :confused:

And I have the newest version installed.

I found a fix:

I went to "Manage Presets" and deselected "FloatingHTMLTutorial". But I still don't understand, why it was triggered via ”command-alt-F" and why it didn't work, when doing the 3-Finger-Tap. :confused: