Stocks or Bitcoin tracker widget?

im thinking if we can add a stocks/bitcoin price tracker widget on goldenChaos??

Indeed, am looking for a BTT solution for this. Personally this would be very useful for live update of Forex pair for work.
Have solved it with Bitbar plugin in Menu Bar for now.

But would be awesome to have an option to add to Touch Bar too.

Even better if it was modal to expand to other FX pairs:

And perhaps even convert touch bar into the customizable "news ticker" line with preset stock ticks of choice...

You can probably easily rewrite the bitbar script to work in BTT.

For bitcoin have a look at

I modified the crypto version to a version to work on standard currencies.
It is a cut down version with less features but most of them are available in BetterTouchTool itself.

You can give it a try here - let me know if you have any feedback


@chrislennon - works really nicely. Cheers!

@chrislennon - do you think you could help me do a similar widget for tracking stocks from the LDSE or NYSE? This would be so useful for me. Take a stock like Amazon for example - would you be able to help me with that please?

Shouldn't be much of a stretch - will just need to find a suitable API.

Initially I could allow entry of a stock ticker and I could return that value.

Will depend on the capability of the API if I can do anything more fancy :slight_smile:

Thanks Chris.

Just having a live price and % change from daily market opening would be super useful. Let me know if you make any progress!


@chrislennon try alphavantage or finnhub both have a free API. Would be great if you could make a webapp for stocks like you did for crypto!

Yeah the web app with direct integration to BTT was so easy to use