📈 Stock Ticker in Touchbar

Working on a Stock Ticker touchbar. This is very beta, still working on formatting to pretty it up.

curl -s https://www.marketwatch.com/investing/stock/ndaq |grep '<meta name="price" content="' |cut -d'"' -f4

Could you share the preset please?

I can make some code available (above), but not creating a preset for distribution.

Thanks, I am really bad with code tho so this doesn't really give me anything.But, I really like how you did it yourself! Really nice!

this is awesome, I'm following gamestop right now and would love this. Have you happened to make any progress?

Not releasing this as a preset, but you can use that code, just change the ticker.

curl -s https://www.marketwatch.com/investing/stock/GME |grep '<meta name="price" content="' |cut -d'"' -f4

Worked like a charm thank you! (:rocket::rocket::rocket:)


That works great! :grinning:

Do you know how to add the ticker symbol to the output?

I use a text field.

Do you know of any way to integrate it into the code?

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