"Start/Stop Moving" with magic mouse Broken (including 3.335)

Since one of the updates of these last days (likely 3.33x), one of my Magic Mouse triggers is broken :

1 Finger Touch Top >> Start/Stop Moving

diagnostic :

1 Finger Touch Top works
2 Fingers Touch Top works
Start/Stop resizing works

So it must be a problem with "Start/Stop moving".

The problem occured under macOS 10.15.2 until now.
The problem is still there, currently macOS 10.15.3 with BTT 3.335.
Macbook pro 13 with an old Magic mouse that shows no problems otherwise.

Thanks anyway for the great tool that saves my life every day :slight_smile:


this seems to work fine here with my Magic Mouse.
Could you maybe go to Help => Export Diagnostic Debug Info and send the results to me (andreas@folivora.ai), then I can check whether something specific with your settings doesn't work.