Stage manager: shortcut to "collapse" a group of apps

Would be great to have a "collapse" command to collapse a single app or a group of apps into their stage manager window, without revealing desktop folders -- just a clean desktop, a quick mental/visual break.

Right now, you can collapse a group by:

  • launching another app
  • mousing to the desktop and clicking, but that also brings desktop folders front and center.

You can collapse a single app/window by minimizing the window, but if you try that with a group of apps, the app you just minimized becomes its own stage manager window -- the attachment to the group and the window position within that group are both lost. This preserves the logic of the original minimize function, but it's not that practical with a group of apps in a stage manager window.

You can hide an app, but then it isn't visible to click in stage manager.


Unfortunately I believe Apple would need to implement something like this. Stage Manager doesn't have any API that I could use ;-(

Thanks - I thought that might be the case. Stage Manager is weird! but it can be quite useful.

That would be great. So what I experienced is, if you click outside of the windows on you desktop, all windows collapse to the side. Given that Stage Manager is activated.

Maybe you can use that @Andreas_Hegenberg

Is there a way to let BTT click on the Desktop even if the frontmost App is maximized (not fullscreen)?

When there is space left around the visible Apps I can simply let the mouse click on the top left pixel under the menu. But this does obviously not work when there is an App.

Any ideas?