Spotlight won't accept cmd + o to open stuff

Hi there,
one relict from decades ago using Windows is that I have the enter key setup to trigger "cmd + o" to open things in Finder. I just don't understand why Apple would choose not to use "enter" for actually enter things but to rename it, but anyways... So there seemed to be a change in Ventura as cmd + o doesn't work in Spotlight anymore. So each time I want to open something from spotlight I end up disabling BTT, press enter, and reenable BTT again. This seems like a minor problem, and it certainly is, but aren't we all using BTT to shave off those microseconds it takes for an additional keystroke? So I tried coming up with a solution but wan't successful yet. I guess this is mainly due to the fact, that the Spotlight window doesn't act like a regular app window. Either I need to find a way to set the cmd + o keystroke to open stuff in Spotlight or I need to find another keystroke to open things in Finder... I wouldn't be surprised if there is just no solution at the time as Apple won't allow us to mess with Spotlight in this regard but I was wondering if there is somebody out there with more knowledge who could come up with a solution. Thanks for taking the time to read about my problems and for any help offered :blush:

I think I might not fully understand your setup. You have remapped enter to cmd+o?

If so, you could try this:

1.) Setup the enter shortcut twice. To the first you assign this "Advanced ConditioN":
NOT (visible_window_list CONTAINS "Spotlight")

And you assign the cmd+o shortcut as you already have:

To the second you assign this condition:
visible_window_list CONTAINS "Spotlight"

Here you make sure to click the "Prevent recursive triggers" checkbox and then just make it send enter again. (So Enter will trigger enter if Spotlight is visible)

well awesome!! that fixed my problem!! Thank you so much for the quick reply!! I wasn't even aware of the advanced condition functionality! That opens up so much more. So thanks again!