Spotify widget question

Need help with my Spotify Widget.
How can I modify the script below for the artistTitle and nameTitle to appear on two different lines on my Touch Bar?

Thanks !:)))

if application "Spotify" is running then
tell application "Spotify"
if player state is playing then
set artistTitle to ((get artist of current track) & " - " & (get name of current track))
if length of artistTitle is less than 30 then
set displayTitle to artistTitle
set displayTitle to (get name of current track)
if length of displayTitle is greater than 30 then
set displayTitle to text 1 thru 30 of (get name of current track) & "..."
end if
end if
set artworkURL to artwork url of current track
do shell script "curl " & artworkURL & " -o ~/Library/Application\ Support/BetterTouchTool/spotify_cover.png"
set fileName to ((((path to application support folder from user domain) as text) & "BetterTouchTool:" as text) & "spotify_cover.png")
return "{"text":"" & displayTitle & "", "icon_path":"" & (POSIX path of fileName as text) & "" }"
return displayTitle
return "Paused"
end if
end tell
return "Paused"
end if

you can just use the now playing widget, and have the artist on the line below the name of the song :slight_smile:

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