Spotify Volume Controls Goosey

I am not a very experience BTT user.

Is there a way to do this:

I want to drag and drop a file from my Downloads Folder into an App called Flume.

So now I have to move downloads to the right side of the screen and Flume to the left side of the screen so now I can see both and drag from one window to the other.

I'd love to do this with one button or gesture.

Is your question asking how you can quickly snap a window to the right/left of your screen? Or are you wanting to, with a click of a button, move a file from you downloads folder into Flume?

I just want to move the windows but each window is from a different program.

Also I use Path Finder in place of Appleā€™s Finder so it would be nice if BTT recognized that.

The Spotify controls are a bit goosey for the volume settings. Lagging and jumping around wildly.

ok. sorry but I can't help you with that. you might want @Andreas_Hegenberg to help.