Spotify, Music & VLC reopen after being quit

Hi everyone,

For the past few years, whenever I quit the Spotify, Music or VLC apps, they immediately reopen automatically. I try again and the app often only quits after 2-3 attempts.

A search of the internet led me to try closing BTT, which solved the issue - so something in BTT seems to be causing it.

One forum suggested that the touch bar widget or a play/pause script is the cause, due to it sending information that causes the apps to reopen. This is supported by the fact that the issue only occurs if I quit the app when it is the primary app is open - not if I quit it via the dock when another app is in use, i.e. the touch bar widget is showing.

I really want to keep using BTT but this kinda bugs me. Has anyone found a solution to this or can help me to find a workaround? Thanks!

do you have some Apple Script Widget running in BTT? Maybe from some imported preset? These can trigger a reopen if not done right. BTT‘s default „now playing“ widget should not do that.

Sorry, I forgot to mention - I'm running AquaTouch, which I think might be an Apple Script Widget?

Yep AquaTouch definitely contains some Apple Script Widgets. I haven’t looked at the Play/Pause widgets in there, but it is possible it is causing the issue.