Spotify "like" and playlist functionality, + long press manual for version 3.170

Hello there.

Three problems:

  1. Is there a way to script a button to trigger "like" in the Spotify app?
  2. Same thing, but "add to playlist" in Spotify.
  3. I cannot make a "long press" action by following the tutorial that's already in the forums. The version 3.170 looks kind of different. Can somoene point me in right direction? Was trying to name the trigger, let's say "Next" and then set the same name up in the "Long press" blank but it's not working. I'm talking about "Now playing" widget.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Regards, Piotr

Unfortunately there isn’t a way that I know of to make buttons that do liking other adding to playlists. I tried to implement these a while ago and hit a wall - Spotify just doesn’t expose that stuff to the OS.

Hey @ppomorsky, maybe you just created a normal new trigger in the Touch Bar-Menu like this,

and then put "Next" into the Long Press Action: Named Trigger: Menu?

If that's the case you can delete that trigger, you have to choose "Named & other Triggers" in the Menu (or press Command + 9) and add a "Named Trigger" and give it the next-action.

Then you can go back to "Touch Bar" (or press Command + 1) and put "Next" into any long press field and it works.

Splendid! That answers all my questions. Thanks, folks! :slight_smile: