Specific Generic Device Trigger blocking usage of gamepad in other apps?


I was interested to create events from my gamepad by using the Generic devices feature.

So I created 3 triggers for a start and modified the preconfigured script template to read and interpret inputs from the DPad, from the thumbsticks and from the different button clicks in those 3 triggers and fire events based on the inputs from the gamepad.

Now the strange thing is, that my script for reading and interpreting DPad inputs seemingly completely deactivates my gamepad in different video console emulators I use.

As soon as I quit BTT, everything works again. When I move the trigger to read the DPad inputs outside of the global realm to only be enabled for a specific app (other than the emulators), everything also works again. And this only concerns the trigger for reading and interpreting DPad inputs. The other two triggers I created for reading thumbstick movements and for reading button presses do not interfere with the emulators and I am able to use my gamepad in the emulators with BTT running and those 2 triggers being enabled.

Does that ring any bell here, what may cause this effect?

some devices only allow exclusive access.
Make sure this checkbox is not enabled:

The generic device feature works on a low level and it is thought to be the only process reading from a device. So for your usecase this might not be a good option.