Space switch without animation

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It would be awesome if we had an option to instantly switch spaces:

Screen Shot 2020-09-18 at 14.29.26

Currently, you can only trigger the normal switch animation which is very slow. As a workaround, I use BTT in combination with yabai. However, I would like to remove unnecessary software and only relay on BTT.

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Unfortunately afaik this is not possible without disabling system integrity protection.
There is an app called Total Spaces that gives you more control over your spaces (but also requires to disable SIP):

I am completely fine with disabling SIP. However, I used TS2 for a long time and it annoyed me a bit. Why does it need to add it's own space system. Just want a instant switch. Not a reinvention of the spaces. Could you not make it as optional extension for BTT which requires turning off SIP?

This is more complicated than it sounds (you'd need to reverse engineer and patch the processes that are responsible for the space switches). I'm not really doing such deep system hacks.

(Also for security reasons I can't disable SIP on my development machines at the moment)

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TotalSpaces3 (beta) can do the space shift without disabling SIP.
So somehow this must be possible. I use TS3 but would love to have BTT handle it for me, TS3 is a bit unstable and seems a little abandoned by the developer.

An extra feature for me is that you can name your space.