Sources for icons?

Where do people find icons for use with the BTT touch bar and remote?

I found this thread which links to the official Apple touch bar icons, and I've found that some of these (designed for OmniFocus) work well on BTT touch bar buttons. Also realised that I like a coloured button on a black background much more than a black button on a coloured background.

I've also used Font Awesome icons before but not with BTT....

What else do others suggest?

I mostly just Google icons and the app/process name I want. Anything keyword really. Choose an icon you like and alter it as needed.

That’s the time-consuming step I’d like to avoid if possible. I’d also prefer a coherent set rather than pulling ad hoc from different collections that may not be styled to match each other.

Unfortunately font awesome doesn’t have PNGs .

Is there a way to include user icons when shown those when the icon button is selected? In particular, icons we could save into a directory? It would make things more efficient, based on my experience with the BTT app. [Great work, btw].

Example of things I have played with on BTT, using icons I created is shown.

Yes +1 for this - with previews

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I extract the icons from system assets and then modify their canvas sizes in Photoshop so they render correctly in BTT. It's a lot of painstaking work! And at this point I've extracted most assets. For that reason I suggest that if you want any Touch Bar icons, skip Google and export the ones you want from my preset :slightly_smiling_face:

@sydneycd @dfay this is possible with some script widgets where you can set alternate icons and colors along with a regex phrase to trigger the alternate state. You can also return widget settings in JSON with images in base64 (which is what I'll be doing for multi-state buttons soon, haha).

2 Likes is great for touchbar icons. If you choose png you can even choose which colour you want.

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