Sort Triggers by Name

Is it possible to include a way to sort triggers by name? I have so many triggers now and I know I can search for triggers but for the purpose of organization can there be that option to just sort by name if one desires it.

unfortunately no, BTT requires you to sort the triggers manually (drag and drop). This is mostly for technical reasons because for some triggers the order in the UI is important

Thanks for your response. It's nice how the triggers are named by default. So that's why I thought it would provide an easy way to sort them. I didn't realize there was any meaning to their sequence apart from convenience, since they all seem mutually exclusive and if there are duplicates it seems to offer you a choice of which to execute.

Anyway, as a related matter, I also noticed that the compact "list" view does not have a search button at the bottom. I'm not sure why it is so. Is that also intended? I have a lot of triggers, so search does help even in that more compact view.
I was also hoping there could be a keyboard shortcut like CMD+F to activate search in BTT. I know it may seem a bit lazy not wanting to precisely move my cursor every time to that search icon (when it does appear) but I've gotten so spoiled by the convenience of BTT.

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