[Sonoma beta] Activate Previous Window action stopped working


The title pretty much sums it up. Updated to a Sonoma beta today, and shortcut assigned to trigger the Activate Previous Window action stopped working completely.

Activate Previous App action does work, but only intermittently, and I cannot see why would it stop and then resume.

Any ideas?


thanks for reporting! More Sonoma fixes will come in the next few weeks.

Hey, Andreas! Thanks for the reply!

Also, I don't know if this has to do with BTT, so I won't be starting another thread, but I'd still mention it here.

I have my function key row in Fn priority mode, so I use BTT to control volume with Opt+F11/12. Since the Sonoma beta update adjusting volume with this shortcut has started to defocus the current window. I've only seen it with youtube pages open in MS Edge: I adjust the volume, it works, the active app as per menu bar remains Edge, but the interface desaturates and keyboard controls cease working until I click the window somewhere.

It happens rarely, for no rhyme or reason, but often enough to mess with the head.
I wouldn't even think BTT has anything to do with it, were it not for the bug with window and app switching mentioned earlier.

Hope this helps somehow.

Hey, Andreas! One more thing. I don't know if this a BTT bug, or whether it has to do with the OS update, but a BTT shortcut that sends another shortcut to a specific app has stopped working for me.

BTT seems to be unable to send a shortcut to Parallels Desktop (a shortcut is supposed to suspend Windows that runs within it). The shortcut itself works fine from within Parallels, but when I try to send it from elsewhere using BTT — nothing happens.

Meanwhile BTT seems to be sending shortcuts to other apps just fine.

Any idea as to what might be the problem here?


unfortunately that's a problem with Parallels. The shortcut events BTT creates are fine, but Parallels can't handle them - probably because they catch them at a lower level.
AFAIK there is no real workaround for this. You can try to activate shortcut sending compatibility mode on the parallels apps: