Some questions from a newbie

Hi guys I hope you helped me. I tried to use BetterTouchtool with Golden Chaos Preset but I need help.

I like the stock Touch Bar especially when you open safari and have your bookmarks on the TB. I can't find the option in BTT. Is it possible?

With Golden Chaos I have on the right side the icons for volume up/down, brightness up/down, however I like the stock icons more and the option to tap or slide to adjust. Yes there is a option in BTT tool, but it just appears on the left side of the TB. Not on the right side. Why?

Last questions. Idk if Golden Chaos is right for me. I like the stock TB just want to add more customization. Like the weather icon, quickly fix the window (for example safari window) on the lift side (like the app magnet) or connect quickly my AirPods Pro. Is there maybe a better option for me which I don't know yet?

I would recommend trying out Aqua Touch and also maybe making your own settings for it and see what works for you!