Some gestures not working with MBP 14 inch

Hi all, some of my long-used gestures don't work on my new MacBook Pro 14 inch, in particular - triangle swipe to sleep display. I tried to change to a double tap to sleep display but that didn't work either. Is Apple stopping gestures for sleeping the display?

You are right, the sleep display action doesn't work on M1 currently.
It looks like the M1 have a completely different display control system. I need to figure out how to sleep the display on these machines. I'll update BTT as soon as I have a solution!

Thank you so much for your prompt and helpful response. I look forward to the update, and I love the app.

Quick question: did you have the sleep display action directly assigned to the triangle swipe?

I found an alternate solution to sleep the display, but on my M1 it immediately wakes again when it detects a finger on the trackpad. Did this work well on previous Macs?

It's possible to trigger it after releasing the touch, then my new technique works ok on M1

It worked fine on my 2016 MBP as a directly assigned gesture. No problem, I'll wait for the update :slight_smile:

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