Some configuration questions with keyboard and trackpad

I have a feeling that these questions might have been asked, but my search of these forums wasn't good enough to pull up the relevant discussions, so hoping I can be excused for doing this, let me ask a few questions.

I am currently on Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad setup, and one thing I want to do with BTT is to assign touchpad/mouse left click, right click and middle click to keyboard strokes.

Specifically, I want

  • fn + z to be left click,
  • fn +x to be right click,
  • fn + z + x to be middle click, and
  • if I hold down the respective keys, I get the same effect as holding down the trackpad/mouse keys (for dragging things).

I was able to set up fn +z as left click and fn + x as right click, but not the middle click nor the mouse/trackpad button hold down.

It appears that the way BTT works, you can only have multiple modifier keys, but not multiple alphanumeric keys in any given input, so I currently have fn + s as the middle click as an alternative (I would've made z left click, x middle click and c right click, except that fn + c seems to be taken by the system for Control Center), but maybe there is a more advanced way or a workaround to make it work the way I want it.

Also, I couldn't figure out how to get BTT to simulate mouse/trackpad button hold downs.

This novice would really appreciate some help.

Thank you very much.