Some apps not Snapping properly

Describe the bug

Hi there, So having recently bought BetterSnapTools on the App Store. I love how it works but for some apps I get a Weird problem where the app won't snap properly when dragging to the snap zones. After letting go when the snap zone preview shows, the window will move offscreen when dragging to the left or right snap zone. When maximising by dragging to the top it will just not maximise.

Many apps work fine such as Safari, but for example the stock notes app refuses to snap properly. I have attached screenshots to try to show what happens.



Device information:

  • Type of Mac: MacBook Pro 13 inch 2020 (8th Gen CPU Model, 8gb Ram)
  • macOS version: Catalina 10.15.5
  • BetterSnapTool version: 1.9.3

@ Andreas_Hegenberg

Any idea what I can do?

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Interesting, I came to report a similar issue. I use BTT with snapping zones and custom keyboard shortcuts to move apps to several different positions on the screen ( left half / right half of the screen, upper/lower quarter).

Everything is working just fine with all my apps except Microsoft teams. I thought it was an issue with BTT, but it's only with Teams. Teams does not let me snap the window manually by dragging it and it has stopped responding to any of the keystroke shortcuts.

One interesting tidbit, I use Bartender to hide icons on my taskbar. BTT is hidden except if there is a change in the menu bar item. I never, ever see BTT updating it's icon, so I never see it.

Now, when I try to use a shortcut on the Teams window, I see the BTT icon reveal itself even though the Teams window didn't respond.

Anything I can do to help troubleshoot?

MB Pro - 13" 2016
Catalina - 10.15.5

I was coming to report the same issue, its been with me since the upgrade to Catalina but I've been so busy recently after being out of the office for months.

When I have a safari window (for example) and I drag to a snap point it shows the intended size of the window, fullscreen as example but when I release it just stays the same size, or only maximises to the right but the left stays fixed, or in some cases it shrinks. If I drag the window to the left margin, then do it, it'll often maximise correctly but not always. When dragging between screens and then attempting to maximise the result is fairly random. This worked perfectly prior to the catalina upgrade which I'm already regretting.

I do have three screens connected to this mac. BetterSpapTool 1.9.3
Mac pro (2013), MacOS 10.15.4, 3.5Ghz 6-core E5.


Ok, so the snapping issue I described above with Microsoft Teams... It's everything BTT related. So, once I have the Teams window in Focus, all my BTT shortcuts / swipes get interrupted. So clearly, Teams is somehow grabbing your method for listening for events. As soon as I click off to the desktop, everything works as expected.

Is there anything I can provide you log wise, or I'm happy to jump on a Zoom / Webex call to walk through it.

@Andreas_Hegenberg this is doing the same thing with zoom