[SOLVED]How to create a Touch Bar button that only functions with long press? I'm stuck

Hi guys. I'm trying to create a Mute button that only mutes/unmutes with a long press. However, even though I've configured a Named Trigger action with a 2-second press duration, pressing my custom Mute button always instantly activates the Mute function. What am I doing wrong?


1: Create a Touch Bar button
2: In Named and Other Triggers section (Command + 9), create a Named Trigger that runs 'Mute'. Call it 'Mute'
3: Go back to your Touch Bar button, and select the trigger named 'Mute' from the list (I assume you know where to find the dropdown list?)

this should do it

Hmm, ok...that’s exactly what I’ve done and the long-press isn’t working. However, I wonder if this is a bug in the latest version/s because I saw a recent bug report where long-press wasn’t working.

weird. works fine for me. Maybe try setting the button to trigger something on tap? maybe esc.?

Ok, I worked out what I was doing wrong: I was assigning a "First Action to Selected Trigger" in addition to the Long Press Action. Doh! Sorted it out now and it works perfectly.

Thanks so much for your help!