[SOLVED] How to close a tab of an App in background?

I've set up a gesture so that it simulates the Command + W .

The problem is: it only works on the focused App.

Is there a way to make it work on the background Apps?
I mean: I go over a background App with the cursor of the trackpad, I do the gesture, and the background tab closes.

Thank you!

Have you tried "send shortcut to specific app"?

I´m using this.

Bildschirmfoto von BetterTouchTool (06-10-22, 21-44-11)

The "send shortcut to specific app" action should work better than the combination of "activate / bring to front window under cursor" and a shortcut - also it can immediately switch back to the previous app.

However I just noticed I broke something in that action recently. Will be fixed in the next update.

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It works, thank you!
I had to activate the Bring App to front before sending and Immediately switch back after sending.
Without this options it doesn't work.
But it's ok.