[SOLVED] How to center+resize windows yo 75% of a screen?

I wanted to replicate Rectangle shortcut where CMD+OPT+C does following:

  1. resize window to 75% of screen where the windows is
  2. center window
  3. cycling the same shortcut should move the window to external display of different resolution and center/resize it for it.

I tried multiple combos that sounded logical to me but it always looked way too different than what I expected.

This is what I tried:

I think it looks good, but to center it you also need to check the "really move the window's x" and "really move the window's y" boxes (just set it to 0 offset from the center)

To execute different actions when hitting the shortcut multiple times you'd need to use the "Cycle though multiple actions" meta action and move your move&resize action into that.

Here is an export of that example:
move_resize_exported_triggers.bttpreset (7.8 KB)

Hmm, didn't work for me, possibly because of display arangement I use:

Is there a workaround for this scenario or screens need to be left/right for this to work?

What exactly didn't work for you? To cycle correctly in such a setup you might need to adapt this:

If necessary you can make the actions cycle to specific screens:

Yes, this worked. Thanks a ton! Seems RectanglePro is missing one paid user as of today :slight_smile:

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One last question, is there a way for BTT to remember all set window position and sizes so I don't have to manually arrange them each time I reconnect screens or reboot?

You can try the "save/restore specific window layout" action. It uses many heuristics and can not work across different spaces due to API limitations of macOS - but it might still be helpful