[SOLVED] How to backup everything?

I'm new on the forum and relatively new to BTT. Sorry if this is a very basic question, but I would like to know how to save all my shortcuts/actions that I've been creating?
When I go to the top right corner, Preset menu, I see that it's set to Default. I guess all the custom shortcuts and actions have been saved there, right?
If I choose Export Highlighted, will it include all apps and also all the options on the top menu (e.g. Keyboard Shortcuts, Touch Bar, MIDI Triggers, etc)?

Hope it's making sense...
I just want to make sure that I can backup everything once in a while.

Thank you!

yes, if you just have the default preset there, exporting this will be enough!

Thank you so much for the quick and helpful reply, Andreas! :slight_smile:

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