Snap windows without resizing?

I'm a BTT newbie, so it's certainly possible that I've missed a setting or option that will accomplish what I'm trying to do here – so, apologies for that in advance :slight_smile:

I use several applications whose default windows I've resized to particular dimensions so that I can see the important aspects of the window that I need. I very seldom resize those windows, and usually do NOT want to resize them. (Example: DEVONthink 3, whose windows I've sized to specific lengths and widths to show file lists and document contents in a particular way.) I'd like to be able to clean up open windows on my monitor so as snap a given window to one of the corners of the screen, or the top or bottom of the screen, without resizing it. Is there a way to accomplish that in BTT, some kind of option in the window-snapping that positions the window to, say, the upper left corner of the screen, but doesn't alter the window's dimensions in any way?

The 'Custom Move / Resize Window' action should be able to do what you want. Select the 'Change x origin to' and 'Change y origin to' and fill in the detals on how'where you want the window to move. Leave both 'Change window width' and 'Change window height' unchecked to stop the window from being resized.

I don't use 'Snap Areas' but I believe you should be able to assign an action to dropping a window onto a snap area. You need to edit the snap area and select 'Trigger named trigger' from the multiselect drop box in the middle of the snap area config dialogue box.