Snap areas V2.750

Installed the newest version. Previously set up snap areas were lost.
Does not appear that saving gestures and settings as presets is capturing these snap areas. I has been saving them, yet adding a preset back did not restore snap areas.
Previous tool allowed separate snap areas to be set up for different monitors (e.g. one set of snap areas for an external monitor; another set of snap areas for the laptop monitor). In this case, when creating a snap areas for the laptop monitor (MacBook pro), it appeared to over write the snap areas that had been defined for the external monitor.
OS X 10.14.4

Did you maybe change your display resolution or alignment? Snap Areas are always created for a specific monitor at a specific resolution, thus they may disappear when changing the display parameters.

Thanks for your prompt reply. Indeed I did have occasion to change my display resolution. This is good to know.
Is there any prospect for the capacity to save the snap area settings, to allow an easy restore. I would really value a feature like that. A user could be advised that a saved set of snap areas was monitor & resolution dependent.
Thanks again. The tool is great. I just took advantage of the keyboard options for the easy Dark Mode toggle - more elegant than any of the clumsy methods described using applescript and automator.