Snap Areas stop working

Note: All suggested actions are done! no success

For no obvious reason and after some time of successfully using the tool with custom snap areas, the areas wont work as expected. I still see the snap area when moving the window but when I drop it on the selected area it wont fit as should. It will be located somewhere else, most of the times half way out of the screen. This happens with all kind of applications, Chrome in the screen cast was just an example. Word, Music, Mail etc all have the same problem.

For what its worth the resolution I have is native 4K.


Device information:

  • Type of Mac: Mac Mini M1
  • macOS version: Big Sure (11.2)
  • BetterTouchTool version: 1.9.5

The only workaround as you can also see in the screencast is to relaunch BetterSnapTool

Try to restart your system. This is a macOS bug that often happens after upgrading to a new macOS version.

Hi and thanks for the prompt reply,

I've restarted the Mac quite few times but it has the exact same effect as with quitting the app itself and relaunching. On top of that I had the same problem before upgrading Big Sure to 11.2.

What I've noticed though is that Chrome has this problem more often. In fact while I was experiencing this with Chrome for the same snapshot area Safari worked just fine without a relaunch. And for what its worth Chrome had this problem immediately after getting one of the tabs out of the original window but continue to have it even after I put it back

Hello. Did you find a response? I have tried restarting, uninstalling and reinstalling, and nothing.
Many applications wont snap- Chrome, Word, iMail, Notes, and more. Safari will snap and then wont.

Hello. My better snap is no longer working correctly at all, Macbook Pro M1 8 core, 16GB ram. BetterSnapTool 1.9.5
I don't have any snap areas defined at all. I just use the defaults. Normally, If I drag to the left side of the screen, it 'used to' take up the left half of the screen. If I dragged to the top of the screen, it would take up full screen.

Now it oddly does whatever it wants. If I drag to the right side middle of the screen it will take up the top right quarter of the screen. If I drag up to the top, it will do one of two things. Most of the time the window will change to a small vertical strip, that is only about 1/5th of the width of my screen. Sometimes it will fill the screen and then the left side will shrink so it's about an inch away from the left side, showing the desktop.

I have an external monitor connected sometimes. These odd results happen with or without the external monitor. If I use the pre-defined 'Change Position and Size' options, I also get odd results. For example I chose the LEFT HALF option. The right side of my window slid over to the left, until the window was about half the width of my monitor, but the entire window did not move to the left. I then chose RIGHT HALF and the whole window moved over to the right. Choosing LEFT HALF AGAIN, the window moved properly to the left side of the monitor.

try to restart your machine, sometimes the macOS windowing APIs get into a weird state. Usually a restart will fix this.

Restarting worked!

Hello Andreas, do you expect to be able to overcome the windowing api issue at some point? I still have the snapping issue. Restarting helps. Sometimes for a couple hours and sometimes, it starts getting weird after snapping 2-3 windows.

Thanks for a wonderful tool. It's my favorite Mac add on.

Hi - I have the same problem - 100% repeatable. I've emailed Andreas too, no response yet. In short, Snap Areas stop working in Big Sur, but all other features / functions continue to work. Quitting / relaunching Better Snap Tool solves the issue. But that means I am quitting and relaunching 3-4 times per day - any time I wake the MBP from sleep.

I've been a BST user for several years and never had this before Big Sur on this computer. So I realize this is Big Sur related. Question is, will BST be updated with a fix for this issue?

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I am having a similar issue. The weird thing is I didn't have this problem before on my MBP-15, now I do. I also have it running on my newer MBP-16 and no problem. I'm very disappointed in the response by the developer so far, but I'm hoping a solution is coming.

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I am having the same issue using Google Chrome.

MacBook Pro Specs:
macOS Monterey Version 12.0.1
Chip: Apple M1 Max
Year: 2022

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Hi, I have had the same issues for a few months now and I am thinking of switching to an alternative app. I hope there is a solution and you will let us know if this can be resolved.

Thank you,

I have the same problem. Restarting is only a temporary solution. The correct snap area for the window briefly flashes, as I approach the snap recognition areas, but as soon as I release my finger from the trackpad, the window is resized and repositioned incorrectly with most of the window off the screen.

same thing for me when will this be sorted? Its been going on for months now.